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Getting Started with the Pixo Control App

Control your Pixo devices from your computer, and create advenced lighting effects.


Download the Bridge

The Pixo App neds the Pixo Bridge to be installed to enable it connect to Pixo devices over USB.

  1. Download the Pixo Bridge here
  2. Run the Bridge by simply double-clicking the file

If you have an unsupported operating system or you have specific requirements, you can also install the Bridge as a package from NPM.
More information is available here.

Open the App

Simply click this link to open the Pixo App »

The Pixo App will attempt to automatically connect to the Pixo Bridge running on the same computer.

It is currently not possible to connect to a Pixo Bridge running on a different computer on the same network, though this capability will be added in the future.

Connect Devices

Connect your Pixo devices to the computher using any USB port.

You may connect your Pixo device via a USB hub if that is more convenient, and also if you run out of USB ports.

The connected devices will appear in the Pixo App on the "Devices" page after a few seconds.

If your devices do not automatically appear, try the following:

  • check the USB connection to the device
  • click the button on the "Devices" page to refresh the list of devices
  • check the device does not have its brightness set to "Off"

Explore the App

View Connected Devices

Click the "Devices" button at the top of the page to view all your connected devices. The list updates automatically as you disconnect and reconnect devices.

Control App "Devices" page
The "Devices" page in the Control App

Select a device to view and edit settings, or update its effects.

Set Effects

Click the "Effects" button at the top of the page to browse the list of effects, and apply them to your devices.

Control App "Effects" page
The "Effects" page in the Control App

Most effects have settings to change how they behave, like colour palette, speed, duration, etc. These are all easily editable with sliders and colour palettes.

Have a play with the effects and their settings to find your favourite!

Devices that have a "Face", like the Mini Trees, also have a tab where you can control the eyes and mouth shape.

"Face" tab in the "Effects" page
The "Face" tab in the "Effects" page

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