LED strings, devices, & controllers

New! Mini Singing Trees

Introducing our new Mini Singing Trees for Christmas 2022!

Mini singing tree

Delightfully Decorative

Brighten up any home or workplace with our Mini Trees!

  • 27 built-in effects
  • Powered by a single USB-C cable
  • Select effects and brightness using the buttons on the rear
  • Create custom effects with the free Pixo Control App
Four Mini Trees on the mantlepiece

Custom Engineered in the UK

The design and layout of the LEDs, the controller circuitry, the clamshell case, and the software powering the Mini Trees are all custom designed by us in the UK.

The LEDs used in the Mini Trees are bright enough for daytime, and dim enough for nighttime. The LEDs don't require much power, and can be powered by USB batteries for days.

A sample of the built-in effects
Pixo App sequencer Light show Sequencer in the Pixo App (view fullscreen)

Create your own Light Show

Create animated light effects synchronised to music with the free Pixo sequencer. Select any audio file, then use our custom sequencer to light up your trees to your favourite tracks!

  • Easy to learn sequencer in the free Pixo Control App
  • Control all your Pixo devices from one place
  • (Coming Soon) Share your sequences with your friends with Pixo Cloud
  • (Coming Soon) Control your Pixo devices with xLights for larger shows

Create your own #LivingroomLightshow!

Mini Trees singing along to White Christmas by The Drifters

Open for Developers

Based on the RP2040 chip from Raspberry Pi, the built-in Pixo LED controller is open for customisation by developers of all skill levels.

  • Edit the Micropython code with the free Thonny editor
  • Tweak the existing code, or replace it completely!
  • Create your own effects, sequences, and integrations

Coming Soon: Pixo LED Controllers

Coming early 2023


Take a look at some of out favourite lighting sequences. Get inspired to create your own #LivingroomLightshow!